What time is closest to midnight? Question sparks debate on social media

From time to time, the internet tends to make some logical reasoning questions viral. In general, these questions end up causing a bug in the brain, as they usually have a hidden trick. The fact is that many challenges cause a real headache. Recently, an issue sparked debate on social media.

However, the seemingly simple mathematical question caused the biggest buzz on the internet. A post made on a social network, a user posted a question leaving four alternatives as an option. The result ended up dividing the opinion of web users.

The question wants to know, among the alternatives left, which time is closest to midnight. Theoretically, it seems like something simple to answer. The challenge response options are:

A- 11:55 am

B- 12:06 am

C- 11:50 am

D- 12:30 am

Question divides opinions on the internet

The publication made on the web ended up gaining repercussions on the British news portal Mirror. Opinions regarding the result divided opinion on the networks. Many people bet that the correct answer would be the letter D (12:03). However, other people believe that the correct alternative is the letter A, which marks the time of 11:55 minutes.

The reason for the last choice made by some web users was based on the time being closer to midnight. The fact is that the apparently simple question generated the biggest buzz.

What is the correct answer?

People debated the issue and each person defended their alternative. Those who chose the 11:55 am option justified that the alternative is the best, as it is not possible to go back to the time. However, those who defended the letter D emphasized that the question talks about proximity and not chronology.

To find the correct option, users sought help from artificial intelligence. According to the AI, the correct alternative is the letter D. The publication reached more than one million views and hundreds of comments.