Sandy and the ‘turu turu, turu in here’: what happened?

While Luisa Sonza created a huge impact across the country when he revealed during an appearance on a cooking show that his brief, weeks-long romance with someone named Chico has come to an end, Sandythe same one who assured, in one of her songs, that the love it was ‘Eternal‘, unexpectedly separated after a relationship 24 years.

It is not the intention to establish a direct comparison between Sonza and Chico’s relationship and that of Sandy and Lucas Lima. However, there is a certain similarity in the surprising twists and turns that occur in the world of celebrities. It’s like we’re in a parallel universe with these two separations.

Luísa Sonza and More You

First, it was Luísa Sonza who decided to surprise the world during a relaxed morning conversation on the program ‘Mais Você’. Between bites of cheese bread and a slice of cornbread, alongside the talented Duda Beat, who was only there for a musical performance, Sonza decided to come clean and openly criticize Chico Moedas. His name now seemed to have changed to ‘Chico Não Vale um Tostão’, and his betrayal with another woman in a bar bathroom was revealed by the famous singer.

Luísa, the same person who already left Caetano intrigued by questioning whether the song she dedicated to Chico had influences from bossa nova, decided to make the story of her ‘ex-love’ public nationally. The story went viral faster than the song itself.

While enjoying some cheese bread, Luísa revealed on national television that she had been cheated on in a dirty bar bathroom, launched her new hit and made the cake-specialist presenter and the Louro José resurrected shared tears…

Luísa caused a national uproar when she had a relationship lasting just three months with someone she met online.

While trying to assimilate all these events, Luísa moved away from social mediaChico closed his doors due to negative comments and Sandy returned from Disney with bombshell news: the separation.

Sandy and Lucas Lima

As if Sandy’s separation from her brother, Júnior, way back in the day wasn’t enough — something fans still haven’t gotten over, as evidenced by the success of their reunion tour — now Sandy has decided to separate from Lucas Lima, the friendliest member of the Family. Lima, after 24 years of relationship, including 15 years of marriage.

Incredible, isn’t it? And the ‘turu turu, turu in here?’ What will happen now when this feeling no longer pulses? And will autumn, which used to always be the same, be different now? And the moon, which used to touch the sea as a symbol of eternal love? Well, it seems like all this has come to an end, doesn’t it?

Like this? Where is the evidence? Well, that part belongs to her father and uncle… But it can’t just end like that, Sandy… After all, you swore in your song that the love was ‘unforgettable’…

There are many years of history… It can’t be broken up in just one post! Where is Ana Maria Braga, the resurrected Louro, the exposed letter… and all the confusion inside the bathroom?

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