Do you want to bring your love back? Learn how with Antônio de Ogum

In the turmoil of romantic relationships, it is not uncommon for couples to separate due to disagreements, disagreements or simply the natural wear and tear of the relationship. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you want to get your love back, there are a number of strategies and approaches that can help rekindle the flame of love, including some spiritual practices such as loving bonding.

We invited the experienced medium Antônio de Ogum to talk about the subject!

Essential pillars to bring your love back!

— Communication: The foundation of any healthy relationship is effective communication. If you want to get your love back, it’s essential to be authentic in your interactions. This means expressing your feelings, thoughts and concerns honestly and openly. Remember to listen carefully to your partner too. Communication is the key to understanding each other’s needs and wants.

— Self-knowledge: Before you can get your love back, it’s important to focus on your own personal growth. Self-knowledge is fundamental to understanding the areas in which you can improve as a partner. Investing in your personal development can make you more attractive to your lost love, demonstrating that you are committed to being the best version of yourself.

— Recreating the Magic: Remember the happy moments you shared with your loved one. Recreating the magic involves remembering the special times spent together and creating new positive memories. This could include activities you used to enjoy, trips together, or even small gestures that show your affection and appreciation.

— Learning from Experience. Reflecting on the mistakes and challenges that led to the breakup is an important part of the process of getting your love back. By recognizing the areas where you both may have contributed to the separation, you can work together to overcome these obstacles and strengthen your relationship.

— Seek spiritual help. Sometimes having a spiritual consultation can be a valuable resource. An experienced medium will help you see where the problem really is, providing guidance on how to deal with the challenges in the relationship, helping to bring your love back.

“Love fights, family disputes, problems with children, friends, bouts of jealousy, hatred, relationships that change suddenly, small accidents and even health and emotional problems can be clarified and in most cases resolved through a Spiritual Consultation” , explains medium Antônio de Ogum.

How to get ex back with spiritual work?

According to Antônio de Ogum, the first step to bringing your loved one back is to wish with all your heart. The desire needs to be intense, focused, and linked to prayers. Furthermore, it is essential to understand that the ex-partner’s will and free will will be respected, and that spirituality only works for couples who should really be and stay together and are unable to do so for spiritual and energetic reasons.

The search for reconciliation can serve as a catalyst for self-awareness and spiritual development. During the process, you can learn to deal with pain, overcome hurt, and improve your communication skills.

The spiritual journey often involves manifesting our own desires and intentions. This helps us to clearly define what we really want in a relationship and to be more aware of our own actions and choices.

The love connection to get back with an ex!

Spiritual work involves channeling energies and intentions to positively influence circumstances. It is important to approach this process with positive energies, love and compassion.

Love tying is a powerful spiritual ritual, increasingly sought after by people. Tying can strengthen romantic relationships. When there is no longer any hope of building the future you dreamed of having with your loved one, adhering to this practice can quickly help open the way for the relationship. Making it possible for two souls in love to overcome their biggest obstacles towards happiness, explains Pai Antônio de Ogum.

One of the keys to the effectiveness of love binding is the intention behind it. It is important to understand that love binding should not be used to manipulate or harm someone. Instead, it should be seen as a tool for rebuilding a relationship based on love, mutual respect and understanding. When the intention behind love binding is positive, it can be a way to give love a second chance.

After separation, communication often becomes one of the main obstacles to reconciliation. Love tying can help open channels of communication between the two parties, allowing them to express their feelings and thoughts more openly and sincerely. This can be an important step in resolving misunderstandings and finding solutions to the problems that led to the separation.

Furthermore, when seeking reconciliation with an ex-partner, people are often encouraged to reflect on their own mistakes and failures in the previous relationship. This can lead to greater self-knowledge and improved communication and conflict resolution skills.

The importance of choosing an experienced medium!

It is essential to seek guidance from a spiritualist who works with energies linked to good, who is ethical and experienced when carrying out love binding, when involving delicate and deep issues related to feelings and interpersonal relationships.

With the help of an experienced and responsible medium like Pai Antônio de Ogum, you will first undergo a spiritual consultation. The objective of this first step is to make the professional understand what are the biggest difficulties that you and your partner face in this relationship.

“It is very important to emphasize that Love Binding is a practice that unites and strengthens bonds between people who truly love each other, and that for the ritual to have the desired success, faith and unconditional love on the part of those involved are necessary – the entire practice spirituality must always respect the free will of individuals.” Explains the medium Antônio de Ogum.


Winning back an ex-love with spiritual work is a journey that requires care, respect and a positive approach. Remember that your ex-partner’s free will must be respected, and the focus must be on personal growth and positive energy.

Ultimately, reconciliation may or may not happen, but the learnings along the way are valuable achievements. Working spiritually to get an ex-lover back can be a transformative experience.

Antônio de Ogum is responsible for Portal Reconquistar, located in Serra da Cantareira in São Paulo, a beautiful and welcoming place that helps people find complete happiness again. Antônio discovered his mediumship when he was still a child, and since then he has dedicated his entire life to helping people resolve their spiritual conflicts, and bringing couples back together through his famous loving bonding.