Is 1Win reliable? 5 reasons to never put your money on this site

In recent years, Brazil has seen a revolution in the way its citizens engage with gambling: the meteoric rise of online casinos. Several factors have contributed to this growing trend, including the increasing digitalization of entertainment.

Technological innovation played a crucial role. With the introduction of secure online transactions, high-quality graphics and immersive live experiences, online casinos have managed to replicate (and in many cases, improve) the traditional casino experience.

But you need to be careful. Several websites have emerged with wild promises, including 1Win, widely publicized by influencers.

1Win is not reliable and we list 5 reasons to never bet on it

1Win with low reputation on Reclame Aqui

“Reclame Aqui” is one of the largest and most popular consumer complaints websites in Brazil. Created in 2001, the site offers a platform where consumers can report their negative experiences with companies, products or services. In response, registered companies have the opportunity to respond and resolve the complaints raised. On this site alone, 1Win has accumulated more than 4 thousand complaints and a regular rating of 6.4.

1Win does not comply with withdrawal requests

Those who win in games through the 1Win website find it difficult to receive the amount. Still speaking about Reclame Aqui, the majority of complaints refer to payments requested and not fulfilled. In other words, you deposit, bet and do not receive money if you win any money on the site. Therefore, never bet on 1Win.

Affiliates do not receive commissions for referrals from 1Win Partners

1Win Partners, the site’s affiliate program, is also unreliable. With a 50% RevShare promise, many site partners simply never received their commissions, in addition to the complicated receiving process. There are even reports of cuts in payments, alleging that the company identified irregularities, simply to not pay the amount due. Therefore, if your reason is to become a partner with this company, run away while there is still time.

1Win does not comply with account deletion requests

Online casino addiction has gained prominence as the digitalization of gambling becomes increasingly prevalent. Ease of access, the ability to play anytime and anywhere, combined with visual and sound stimuli designed to attract and retain players, can create an environment conducive to the development of compulsive behaviors. 1Win company does not consider customer requests for account cancellations. In other words, if you are addicted to online gaming and decide to stop, the site simply ignores your cancellation requests, leaving you more vulnerable to losing everything you have.

1Win has its own games programmed to avoid paying prizes to players

On the 1Win website there are several original games that are simply programmed to not pay players prizes. In fact, affiliates are even offered a demo account (an account programmed to always win) and demonstrate to their followers that they are winning, when in fact, that profile can only bet on the original games and with fictitious money, to give the impression that the game is reliable.


Reliability and integrity are fundamental in the world of online gambling and betting. Considering the arguments presented, 1Win appears to fail in several essential aspects that would guarantee a safe and fair experience for its users. From issues related to missed payments to potentially deceptive and insensitive practices towards those struggling with gambling addiction, the company demonstrates a number of red flags that consumers should consider. It is always essential to carry out comprehensive research and trust credible sources when choosing an online gaming platform to avoid financial and emotional losses. Based on the information presented, 1Win is not a safe and reliable choice for betting and gaming.