5 games that gained updated versions with technology

The history of games is as old as the history of human beings, with ancient archaeological excavations finding activities of this nature. Although the types of games change drastically depending on the context, the truth is that having fun has always been in our DNA.

The most recent drastic change observed in gaming occurred with the popularization of the internet between the late 90s and early 2000s. Videogames had existed for decades, but access to the online environment forever changed the way they were played remotely .

With these changes, the way of playing titles that existed even before the first computer also changed. For this list, we have selected 5 old games that were adapted to a new space, adding different characteristics, but without abandoning their identity.

1 – Bingo

Bingo was developed almost 100 years ago, but is still popular today. In Brazil, the activity is usually seen in person at June or July parties and other charitable events, always attracting a large audience. For-profit bingo, on the other hand, is prohibited here.

Fortunately, the ban is exclusive to in-person bingos, being completely legal online, which is possible thanks to new technologies. On the internet, we find bingo in online houses along with casino games and sports betting. There are multiple website options.

In all cases, the rules of bingo are simple: players buy cards with numbers and, as the game progresses, these numbers are drawn randomly. Competing against other people, the winner of the final prize is the one who completes their number card first.

There are many online bingo betting houses and casinos, which offer bonuses, ratings sent by other players, payment methods and other information that make online bingo not only legal, but completely safe.

2 – Tic-tac-toe

Taking into account the image that illustrates this text, it is clear that we could not fail to mention the “tic-tac-toe game”. One of the simplest games to perform, it has become an online pastime, and can be played with friends remotely or even with strangers.

3 – Tetris

Did you know that “Tetris” is the second best-selling video game franchise of all time? The titles are second only to Mario, which is surprising. The first Tetris game was released in 1985 by computer engineer and Russian game developer Alexey Pajitnov.

Although Tetris appeared in the era of electronic games, new technologies have drastically modified its gameplay. One example is “Tetris Effect”, a title that can be experienced with augmented reality glasses. It’s safe to say that the franchise has changed a lot since its launch.

4 – Slots

“Slots”, also known as “slot machines”, are very popular casino games. Although physical casinos are prohibited in Brazil, online casinos are perfectly legal. Because of this, slots have gained survival on the internet, and can be accessed on PC and smartphones.

5 – Chess

It is estimated that chess was invented in the second half of the 15th century, in Europe. Centuries later, the game remains as popular as it was during its invention, becoming almost a synonym for high intelligence. Naturally, the activity also evolved with technology.

Since the launch of the first personal computers, artificial intelligence has been used to play against human chess players, whether casually over the internet or in official competitions. For those who enjoy the activity, it is not necessary to have the pieces at home, just access a website.

It’s fair to say that we haven’t yet reached the “end” of changes to these classic games mentioned above. Technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence promise to bring even greater developments, improving experiences and increasing challenges.