Mother names her daughter after her favorite food and receives a barrage of criticism: ‘cruelty towards the child’

A grandmother recently shared her newborn granddaughter’s unusual name on social media, triggering a wave of surprise and concern over possible future teasing.

In the Facebook post, the grandmother expresses her joy at the arrival of the new family member: “It’s official, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful girl. Now her family is complete. Welcome, baby Avacuddo. Nicholas now has a little sister.”

Avacuddo, name given by the mother to her daughter

The name Avacuddo, which appears to refer to the word “avocado” (avocado, in Portuguese), is in line with a contemporary trend of giving children unconventional names. This fashion gained momentum after socialite Kim Kardashian named her children North, Saint and Psalm.

Internet users criticized the mother’s attitude

The post went viral after being shared on Reddit. While some netizens speculated that Avacuddo could be an affectionate nickname for Ava, others expressed concern about the possible challenges the child may face due to her atypical name. “You will be teased at school”, said one internet user. “What kind of name is that? This is cruelty to the child”commented another.

Avacuddo is now part of a list of unconventional names, such as Jayden, Bohdi and Olivia, who have also gained prominence in the media. A recent study indicated that some traditional names, such as Brydie, Gladys, Edmond and Neville, may be on the verge of extinction by 2023.

Pamela Redmond, CEO of Nameberry, highlights the importance of choosing a person’s name, as it is a fundamental element of individual identity and can have a marked influence on the way society perceives that person. She emphasizes the need to take into account various aspects, such as cultural heritage, personal style and the desire to integrate or stand out in society, when choosing a name for a child.