Do you know what the drawings on toilet paper rolls are for?

O toilet papermodest and essential, represents an inalienable item in any bathroom, serving on several occasions. However, have you ever wondered about the reason why he often presents small illustrations It is standards?

Upon first consideration, these adornments may appear simply for decoration, a mere added aesthetic attribute intended to lend sophistication to an item that, by its very nature, is ephemeral. However, a complex web of motifs permeates these brands. Let us therefore enter this universe to discover what is hidden behind these prints. After all, why is toilet paper made with these designs? What is the intrinsic reason for these ornaments? A function that may surprise you!

What’s behind the patterns in toilet paper?

In fact, these representations are not created just for decorative purposes; they play a very important role that, in reality, may surprise many. Firstly, it is essential to point out that the reliefs and designs on toilet paper are known as ’embossed’.

The fundamental reason for these reliefs is, at the same time, simple and more important: to improve the effectiveness of the hygiene process. These patterns cause additional friction on the surface of the skin, thus ensuring a more detailed and complete cleaning. This is why toilet paper rolls with these specific features are priced higher. However, the question that arises is: is it worth investing a little more in this variant?

Does it justify paying a slightly higher price for these products?

It is important to note that the market offers toilet paper in a variety of types and values. Some of them are more expensive, especially those with smoother designs or textures. Occasionally, we come across a roll which requires a larger outlay, leading us to think: ‘Indeed, the cost is considerable!’. However, it is essential to question the following: toilet paper is, undeniably, a component that is part of personal hygiene and health. Therefore, would it be wise to save in this aspect? Isn’t it justified to invest a little more in something that plays such an important role in our daily routine?