What is the secret to living longer? Elderly woman with ‘iron health’ who will have her DNA studied by scientists reveals trick

Maria Branyas is the oldest woman in the world at an impressive 116 years old. Her unique life journey includes not only surviving two world wars, but also facing challenges such as a civil war, an earthquake, and even a fire.

What makes her even more remarkable is her incredible ability to vividly remember her childhood and lack of cardiovascular problems. Such feats defy logic and arouse the curiosity of researchers, who are now committed to unveiling the secrets that can open the doors to the much sought after “immortality”.

Born in San Francisco in 1907, Maria Branyas is of Spanish descent and moved to Catalonia when she was just 8 years old. She is the mother of three children, ranging in age from 79 to 90, although she sadly lost a son in a tragic accident at the age of 77.

In her youth, Maria faced an accident that left her deaf in one ear while playing with her brothers on board a ship. This episode was just the prelude to what would become a life marked by challenging historical events. In 1915, at the age of 8, she arrived in Barcelona during the First World War. And in 1936, at age 29, she faced the harrowing memories of the Spanish Civil War.

Maria Branyas’s ‘life secret’

Despite everything, what is most surprising is the fact that Maria never faced any serious illness and never went through an operating room in her 116 years of life.

Regarding her diet, she states that she has always eaten moderately, without adhering to strict diets, and that her secret is to eat natural yogurt daily, along with the decision to eliminate “toxic people” from her life. Maria Branyas believes that her extraordinary longevity is the result of a life guided by order, tranquility, strong bonds with friends and family, connection with nature, emotional stability and a deeply positive attitude. She also recognizes the influence of genes and, without a doubt, a dose of luck.

“My long life is due to order, tranquility, good connections with friends and family, contact with nature, emotional stability and a lot of positivity. Besides genes and luck, of course,” she said.

The search for the secrets of Maria Branyas’ longevity

Maria Branyas’ extraordinary life and remarkable health attracted the attention of researcher and renowned doctor in the field of genetics, Manel Esteller. He visited “super grandma” earlier this year and observed that she remains completely lucid, clearly remembering events since she was four years old. The elderly woman, despite mobility and hearing problems, is in good health, which leads Esteller to believe that genetic factors play a crucial role in her longevity.

The study now underway will focus on analyzing six billion segments of Maria’s DNA, focusing on genes directly related to aging. These results will be compared to those of his second daughter, who is 79 years old. Manel Esteller has high hopes that this research can provide valuable insights into the development of treatments capable of combating neurodegenerative diseases, age-related cardiovascular problems and cancer.

Maria Branyas, the 116-year-old “super grandmother”, is an inspiration and an enigma to everyone. Her life journey and remarkable health challenge our understanding of aging. As researchers delve into her DNA secrets, we eagerly await discoveries that could help extend the quality of life for all future generations. After all, who wouldn’t want to know the secret of Maria Branyas’ “immortality”?