Annular eclipse of the Sun: will it be possible to observe the phenomenon in Brazil? See date, time, locations and how to watch

On the 14th, there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun in the states of the North and Northeast of Brazil. The phenomenon occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, covering most of the solar disk and leaving only a “ring of fire” visible around the edge.

The National Observatory will broadcast the eclipse on YouTube, in partnership with foreign entities. The phenomenon can be seen in ten countries, including the United States, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Brazil.

The annularity band, where the “ring of fire” will be visible, will pass through the states of Amazonas, Pará, Maranhão, Piauí, Ceará, Tocantins, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte.

The National Observatory and live streaming

The National Observatory’s broadcast will involve several Brazilian institutions and an international partnership. During the broadcast, amateur and professional astronomers will interact with the public, addressing topics related to astronomy and answering questions.

Precautions when observing the eclipse

It is important not to look directly at the Sun during the eclipse as this can cause damage to the retina. Safe observation can be made through suitable filters or through indirect projection.

The last annular eclipse occurred in June 2021, but was not visible in Brazil. The next such eclipse will be on October 2, 2024.