Video: son lifts wheelchair-bound mother and images go viral on social media

Klayve Eneas Barbosa moved internet users with a video shared on Instagram. Thousands of people have already seen the scene and left comments praising the 22-year-old boy. The video has already had more than 3 million views and continues to be shared on the web.

The images show the moment when Klayve lifts his mother, who is in a wheelchair. They were at the boy’s graduation, in Paraíba and the lady had asked her son that she would really like to take a photo with him, but standing up.

To show all his love and gratitude for his mother, during Law graduation the young man approached her who was in a wheelchair and almost crying, remembering that she was not present on the day she presented her TCC – Course Completion Paper.

Video has already had more than 3 million views and thousands of likes

He then said that luckily she was there at that special moment and added: “Two months later, God gave us this victory. She is with me! I love you”.

This video was shared on the 26th of last month, but now it is becoming a hit on social media. Many internet users continue to be surprised by the attitude of the young man who showed all his gratitude to the person who always supported him.

Internet users were delighted with the boy’s affection for his mother

Klayve Eneas Barbosa had few followers on his Instagram profile, but after sharing this video, he now has almost 30 thousand subscribers.

Many internet users now want to know a little more about Klayve’s mother’s story and are asking him to share more photos and videos alongside her.