Remember the meme of Luiza who was in Canada? She returned to Brazil, got married, has a son and made a revelation

In 2012, a commercial for a real estate project in João Pessoa went viral and became a meme on social media. People from all over Brazil were commenting on the commercial that brought together a family, except Luiza, as she was in Canada.

After 11 years, the Luisa meme in Canada is still remembered by internet users. What many don’t know is that she already returned to Brazil, graduated in dentistry, got married and has a son.

In an interview with the UOL portal, Luiza said that her father was hired to advertise a building that was being built and the objective was to reunite the family. The problem is that the young woman was in Canada on an exchange program and had no way of returning quickly.

Luiza participated in a new commercial

The company warned that the young woman’s absence was not a problem, as Gerardo Rabello would inform everyone that one of his daughters was outside Brazil. Luiza was aware that the family would record the commercial, but she found out that it became a meme through social media.

Seeing her name trending on Twitter, he called his father and finally found out what had happened. Famously, she had to return to Brazil and participated in a second commercial for the company, but revealed that in the advertisement she said that it was ‘Luiza’s apartment’, but in fact she didn’t get a unit in the building.

Luiza specialized in pediatric dentistry

The square in front of the building was named ‘Luiza do Canada’, in honor of the young woman. She signed contracts with big companies for advertising and enjoyed her fame.

Time passed and the young woman’s life returned to normal. In 2018 she graduated in dentistry and, two years later, completed her specialization in pediatric dentistry. She currently works helping children and says that to this day she is recognized for the meme that conquered Brazil.