Fake navels to make them look taller are already a hit among women, but they divide the opinion of internet users

The new fashion in China is to wear fake navels, the aim of which is to give the person a taller appearance. It is a sticker that is glued just above the real navel and then the person only needs to wear pants that will cover the lower one, leaving the fake one exposed.

This makes the woman appear to have a shorter torso and longer legs, which for many girls is the best, but on the internet opinions are divided. There are those who loved the news and those who are already criticizing it.

Those who disapprove of the false navel claim that once again the market wants to standardize unrealistic beauty, forcing women to chase something they won’t have, that is, a few extra centimeters. But many Chinese women are embracing the news.

Internet users show the result on social media

The sticker is very easy to apply because it works like a tattoo, similar to those that come on gum. The woman wets the sticker a little, touches the navel design to her belly and just waits a little.

A Chinese social network already has several videos of users showing what they looked like after using the accessory. A sticker pack costs around R$2 and the low price has helped to popularize the product.

Fake navel goes viral in China

One internet user loved the result and said that the fake belly button looked better than the original on her body, which is why she will always use it. Another commented that no one discovers it’s fake because they don’t get close to examine it, so it’s worth it.

And after a famous Chinese influencer posted a video applying the accessory, the novelty gained more space in the market. She explained that it is easy to put on and take off, so if you don’t like it, just take it off and that’s it.