Called ugly as a child, girl grows up to become a beautiful model: ‘She was genuinely ugly’

At 19 years old, a beautiful girl recalled difficult moments she experienced during her childhood. She was cruelly bullied as a child because of her appearance. However, things are completely different these days. After going through bullying, the girl became a successful model.

Young April Opal said during an interview that she never imagined she would grow up and earn money based on her appearance. The model earns up to R$180,000 monthly from her profession. Despite her success in the field, she said she often receives nasty comments talking about her appearance.

Just like in her school days, the young woman reported accepting criticism calmly, but she responds in the same way she did as a child. For everything she faced when she was little, she became a person of courage.

Success in the profession

The young resident of Middlesbrough, England, was about to go to Oxford University, but changed her mind and decided to sell sensual photographs on the internet. With this, she has raised thousands monthly. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the fact that I get paid for my appearance because I was a genuinely ugly child.”said the British woman.

She explained that she was bullied a lot at school because she was a bad-looking child. According to the Englishwoman, things didn’t get better as she grew up. The young woman explained that she was overweight and was not used to putting on makeup, she revealed during an interview with the news portal The Daily Star.

Impacts of bullying in adult life

Even though he accepted the negative comments calmly, the bullying he suffered during his school years ended up having an impact on his adult life. The model said it’s strange and that she lives as if she is always expecting something negative from someone else.

Bullying is a serious issue that needs to be combated daily so that people are aware of the negative impacts on the victim’s life.