Sympathies to lose weight: discover the best ones and do them today

Many people search for sympathies in order to achieve specific objectives. These sympathies consist of brief rituals with connotations spiritualwhich can contribute to the realization of wishes individuals. Typically, requests relate to aspects of lifeas romantic relationshipssuccess professional or stability financial.

However, some people also resort to spells with the purpose of rid of some unwanted pounds. In this article, we present the best spells for to lose weight.


Procedure: for every kilo you want to eliminate, separate a grain of rice. Place them in a glass of water and cover it with a white handkerchief, leaving it undisturbed overnight. When you wake up the next morning, remove the tissue, strain the water and drink it on an empty stomach. The used rice grains must be buried in a pot that contains the plant known as me-nobody-can. Remember to perform this spell during the Waning Moon phase. After the procedure, the cup and tissue can be used normally.


Procedure: divide an onion into four equal parts and bury three of them. The remaining quarter of the onion must be cut into the number of kilos you want to lose. Prepare tea with these cut pieces and let it cool. Strain the tea and pour it into the same vessel where you buried the other parts of the onion. Cover with soil and dispose of tea remains in the general trash.


Procedure: Light a seven-day candle in the morning on the first day of the Waning Moon. During lunch time, help yourself, but leave a small portion of food on a saucer, intended for your guardian angel. After an hour, throw that portion in the trash. Repeat the process for seven days while the candle is burning. At the end, wrap the leftovers in blue paper and dispose of them in a distant bin, without looking back.

It is worth remembering that healthy weight loss depends mainly on physical exercise and a balanced diet.