Mother allows her 6-year-old daughter to miss school once a month even though she is not sick; It’s mental health day

The mother of a child decided to share a kind of tradition with her daughter with her followers. Noella Palmento, a mother living in the United States, shared on her TikTok profile that she allows Giada, her six-year-old daughter, to miss school once a month. On the day chosen to stop studying, the girl can choose to do any activity.

The child can choose to go shopping, play or eat cotton candy. “I told my daughter she can choose one day a month to stay home from school without getting sick.”, highlighted the American mother. The publication made on the internet ended up going viral.

Called mental health day, the parenting technique, is a day designed to stop routine activities, making it important to do what you like.

Idea divides opinions on the internet

Although many people approved the idea and left compliments, some internet users didn’t like it and criticized it. There were those who thought it wasn’t cool, because as they grow up they will continue to wait for this to happen. One online user joked that he grew up not knowing he could have a mental health day.

As for the American mother, she has no problem with her daughter continuing to take a day off even though she is older. A teacher commented on the publication agreeing with the mother’s attitude. The educator stressed that mental health days are very important.

Parents leave their opinion

Several parents expressed themselves in the publication showing concern about the attendance policy of educational institutions. Since it is necessary to know how many days the student can miss without having major problems.

The American mother made it clear that she does not have to give any kind of explanation or excuse to the educational institution. According to the woman, she is paying to send the girl to school, as the child does not study in a public institution.