Márcia Sensitiva sets a forecast for 2024 and sends a difficult message about what will come at any moment: ‘it’s going to be horrible’

Psychic Márcia Sensitiva made predictions about the year 2024 during an interview with the Vaca Cast podcast, presented by Evelyn Regly. According to Márcia, next year will be led by São Lázaro, known as the lord of times in Candomblé and Umbanda. She claims that there will be transformations in science and technology, but also points to the return of a new pandemic similar to Covid-19.

Márcia warned that the year will be challenging, especially for those who are not responsible in their work. She emphasized that the pandemic will be experienced to its fullest, bringing to light many difficulties. However, science will make significant advances and will be a real spectacle, as will technology. Márcia foresees a large number of new medicines emerging.

“It will be horror, but on the other hand, science will be a spectacle. What we see is advanced science. We see technology, it’s a business like that, out of the ordinary. And lots, lots, lots of new medicine.”predicted.

The warning of a new pandemic

Evelyn asked the psychic specifically about the possibility of a new disease similar to Covid-19 emerging next year, and Márcia’s response was clear: ‘There’s a new pandemic’. With this statement, Márcia Sensitiva brings a warning for the coming years, reinforcing the importance of being prepared to face new challenges in the area of ​​global health.

Transformations in science and technology

In addition to predicting the new pandemic, Márcia Sensitiva also highlights that there will be significant transformations in science and technology in 2024. She states that these areas will see impressive advances, bringing a true spectacle to the public. Numerous new medicines should emerge, which promise to improve the quality of life and help combat various diseases.

The impact of Márcia Sensitiva’s prediction

Márcia Sensitiva’s prediction about a new pandemic in 2024 attracts the attention of the public, who seek to understand the possible developments and how science and technology can face this scenario. Based on her views, Márcia reinforces the need for a serious and responsible approach on the part of everyone to minimize the negative impacts of this possible new global health crisis.