Land and Passion: Irene corners Marino, who is surprised by what she says: ‘Your son’

Us next chapters of the soap opera Terra e Paixãodisplayed on the screen Globe, Marino receives a message informing him that Danielzinho is not doing well, goes to the heir and ends up being cornered with questioning Irene.

After Daniel’s death, Irene He tried to focus all his attention on Danielzinho. Believing that the baby is her son’s legitimate heir, the vixen didn’t even imagine that she could be deceived by Graça. According to Guilherme Rodrigues, from the Observatório da Televisão website, Irene will end up finding out the hard way.

It all starts with Irene receiving a not-so-pleasant visit from Agatha, who by now will already know that Graça’s son is not Daniel’s, but rather Marino. The vixen doesn’t miss the opportunity to laugh at Irene, stating that she is being deceived by her daughter-in-law. Not happy, Agatha still sends a message to Marino’s cell phone.

Agatha sends a message to Marino and makes him run to Antônio’s farm

Caio’s mother claims that Danielzinho is feeling very ill, his life is at risk. Marino He immediately goes to the farm and Graça is shocked to see him there. Explaining that he received a message, Marino he guarantees that he was very worried about his son, so he went there to find out what had happened.

Irene leaves Marino and Graça amazed

The police chief says that everything involving his son worries him. The two end up being taken by surprise by Irenewho enters the room and leaves the deputy in a bad way: “Your son? Is this baby your son?”. Marino and Graça are amazed.