Woman presumed dead wakes up after a few hours and this wasn’t the first time they made a mistake

In Durham, England, a woman who was presumed dead woke up after a few hours, to everyone’s surprise. According to The Northern Echo newspaper, the NEAS ambulance service declared that the citizen had died.

But after a few hours she woke up in Darlington Memorial Hospital and the police were called. Investigators said the death was ‘unexpected’, but did not provide any other details about the case.

The patient is 50 years old and her identity was not revealed, so it was not possible to talk to her family. After the incident, the ambulance service issued a statement publicly apologizing and said it had contacted the woman’s family.

Report pointed out that this was not the first error

Andrew Hodge, who is director of paramedicine at NEAS, said an internal investigation has already been launched. But this was not the first time that the ambulance service made this type of error, as in 2022 they had to apologize when an error was discovered on the part of the paramedics.

Marianne Griffiths, who is head of the public health system in England, released a nearly 100-page report at the end of last year outlining the mistakes made and apologizing.

Reported dead, woman woke up hours later

This most recent case occurred at the beginning of October and the patient’s current condition has not been reported at this time. Paramedics declared her dead after responding to an emergency call.

In the morning paramedics pronounced the woman dead and she was taken in an ambulance to Darlington Memorial Hospital. Hours later she woke up and was scared, not knowing what was happening.