Is Friday the 13th really an unlucky day? Discover how the belief arose and learn some rituals

Today marks the day 13 in Fridaya day that, for those who believe in superstitionsgenerates a certain fear regarding what might happen. There is a belief that connects the number 13 and Friday to misfortune, making this date a time of bad luck for some.

Within the myths, there are suggestions to avoid bad luck, such as avoiding stairs, being careful not to break mirrors and avoiding crossing paths with black cats. These actions are believed to help ward off bad luck.

However, the origin of this fear is shrouded in mystery. Researchers point out that Friday the 13th’s bad reputation has roots in religious and cultural traditions.

Christianity and Friday the 13th

One version of Friday the 13th symbolism, related to Christianity, suggests that at Jesus’ last supper, which took place on a Thursday, he met with his 12 disciples, totaling 13 people at the table.

Among the guests was Judas, the traitor. Jesus died the next day, which was a Friday.

Historical origin

The origin of Friday the 13th also finds explanations in history, more specifically in the French monarchy. According to reports, King Felipe IV felt his authority was threatened by the influence of the Church in his country.

To get around the situation, he tried to join the prestigious religious order of the Knights Templar, but was rejected. As a result, the king ordered the persecution of the Templars on Friday, October 13, 1307. 13 is a lucky number, according to numerology.

Numerology sees the number 13 positively:

The number 1 symbolizes independence and courage to start new ventures and break new ground.

Number 3 represents optimism, enthusiasm, communication and the ability to face life’s challenges lightly.

When adding these two numbers, we obtain 4, which, in numerology, represents stability and the realization of dreams.

For those who are superstitious and wish to avoid bad luck on Friday the 13th, there are some ‘tips’ to attract luck on this day: get out of bed with your right foot, knock three times on wood, avoid serving meals for thirteen people and carry In your pocket or bag, a sprig of rue or some coarse salt.