Elderly woman undergoes plastic surgery to look younger and appears unrecognizable: ‘is it the same person?’

A plastic surgery clinic in Turkey is at the center of an Instagram controversy over a before and after showing of an elderly woman who appears to have been younger by several decades. Many Internet users are skeptical about the drastic transformation in the client’s appearance, doubting that it was just the result of aesthetic procedures.

This is the final result of an elderly woman’s plastic surgery

The profile known as Dr. May Aesthetic shared before and after photos of a 68-year-old woman on the social network last week, without imagining that this would go viral and generate disbelief among people.

The images show the elderly woman wearing a purple headscarf and showing off her natural face, which showed the usual signs of aging expected for someone her age. However, in the following photo, which was supposedly taken after several plastic surgeries, the woman appears to have been rejuvenated many years, appearing to be a completely different person, although still wearing the same purple scarf.

Internet users doubt the veracity of the results of the elderly woman’s surgical interventions

In the post, the caption accompanying the stunning images on Instagram reads: “Our dear patient Miss. Dilek, after two years of rhinoplasty, facelift and blepharoplasty surgeries“,.

The photos attracted so much attention that even Melinda Farina, founder of a plastic surgery consultancy agency, took part. Melinda was surprised by the before and after.

Another user questioned the authenticity of the situation, suggesting that the two women in the photos were mother and daughter and that the clinic was lying. ‘Is it the same person?‘, he questioned.