Man has phone stolen, thief discovers betrayal in messages and warns pregnant wife about lover

The situation seems like a script for a movie, but it is something that really happened. The incident occurred in the municipality of León, Mexico. A man ended up having his phone stolen and the thief’s attitude ended up drawing attention. The criminal decided to become a messenger of truth for the robbery victim’s wife.

The thief told the wife of the man he stole the phone from that she was being cheated on. The woman identified on social media as @ andreavila46, physiotherapist Andrea, was returning from work when she was surprised by her sister-in-law’s message. “Hi, Carlos will call you by another number. He was robbed today leaving work. They took my cell phone and wallet.”explained the text.

Thief shares compromising conversations

Initially, she was disbelieved in the story, as the couple has been together since 2021 and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child. However, Carlos tends to travel a lot working and always has a good excuse for not helping financially with the baby’s expenses.

Not believing the robbery story, she sent messages until he responded. However, the person who responded to contact attempts was the thief who stole the phone. It was then that the criminal began to share message exchanges that Carlos had with other women, in addition to bank transfers he made to his lovers.

Adrián, the man who stole the phone, also sent the following message to the physiotherapist: “Your husband likes naughty girls, right?”

Husband’s betrayal

Andrea began to believe the story that her companion had really been stolen. It was then that the physiotherapist discovered that Carlos had a relationship with his ex. She discovered that the woman was also pregnant and expected to get married at the end of the year.

Andrea decided to end her relationship with Carlos. Adrián ended up sympathizing with the case and began to show interest in having a relationship with the physiotherapist.